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Mastercoin: A Second-Generation Protocol on the Bitcoin Blockchain
The 6000 satoshis sent to the Exodus handle mark the transaction as a Mastercoin transaction (as effectively as delivering the Mastercoin developers an extra $ .012 USD to use to fund the task). The recipient is taken as the 6000-satoshi output that does …
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This Company Is Giving Away 000 In Bitcoin
A European Bitcoin exchange will be providing away 200 bitcoins to any individual who would like them on Thursday, amounting to about $ 48,000 USD. In accordance to a Reddit publish announcing the giveaway, the entire issue is a “gift to the community,” but the real&nbsp…
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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 21/9/2015 – A Disappointing Finish to the Week!
Final week ended on a quite disappointing note for Bitcoin industry traders and speculators as the cryptocurrency failed to budge past a certain, tiny assortment. Many of the marketplace participants anticipated Bitcoin to move as the week came to a close, but …
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