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A vector is defined as a special mathematical structure that is used in mathematics and in geometric applications it is exclusively defined as a amount with the magnitude and course .Vectors have the ability to locate the directions of defined object with their magnitude. As an instance wind is defined in terms of both speed as effectively as direction or if take an instance of moving object then it also defined or express in forces applies on that body and the path of the applied force .On a Cartesian coordinate plane positions of the object or locations of factors are expressed in terms of ordered pair ( x , y ) that is a certain illustration of vector .For a vector ( x , y ) is defined as a particular distance that is a magnitude from and an angle that is defined the course connected to the origin ( , ).For simplifying the issues connected to the three – dimensional geometry vectors are really beneficial .

In simple terms scalar are called as actual numbers and vectors are named as of dimension n that is an ordered assortment of aspects n , that are known as as components . Scalar quantities typically represent as the variables just as we define them in algebra but when we talk about the vector quantities than they are represented in type of bold and capital letters like X. A vector can also be represented with a appropriate – handed arrow. If an n – dimensional vector X has n aspects then it is denoted symbolically as:

X = X1 , X2 , . . . . , Xn &gt or X = ( X1 , X2 , . . . . , Xn )

The above representation is understood in terms of numerical values as ( two , -5 ) , ( -1 , , two ) and

( PI , a , b , 2 / three ) , these are the examples of vectors that have the dimensions two , three , 4 respectively . If two corresponding elements are equal then their vectors are also known as as the equal vectors.

When we speaking about the Vector Calculator it is extremely beneficial on the web tool for the students .by this instrument students get the solutions of their values without delay .In vector there are a number of operations like addition , subtraction , multiplication and so forth that are also supported by the Vector calculator like Vector addition calculator or cross item calculator and so forth. In the vector calculatoruser can enter the actual quantity as nicely as the complicated quantity for carrying the calculations. Let’s consider an illustration of calculation by the vector calculator for a subspace E of Xfour that is produced by two of the vectors

V1 = ( one , two , three , 4 ) and V2 = ( one , -1 , -1 , 1 ) and V1 , V2 are the orthogonal parts correspond to the linear system then define the E . There are an additional two vectors v1 = ( -5 , -two , 3 , ) and v2 = ( -2 , -five , , three ) .

Then by the linear technique, E is defined as:

-5 x1 – two x2 + 3 x3 = ,

-2 x1 – five x2 + three x3 =


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